This Apex Legends Player Spent $500 To Unlock This Rare Item

A player of the all-new free Battle Royale game of EA and Respawn Entertainment, of course, I am talking about none other than the Apex Legends, Cole has spent up to $500 to buy loot boxes, in order to test their reward system by spending real money on a title in which it is not mandatory to go through the box to enjoy the game. As we can always accelerate our progress to obtain ornamental elements and according to the user “It isn’t worth it”. For now, the all-new battle royale game, of course, Apex Legends only allows you to spend money through the so-called Apex Packs, a series of loot boxes that only include heirloom items for the champions currently available, with the particularity that a player can not open more than 30 Apex Packs without receiving any legendary item, according to its own creators. Also Read: PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: Best Tips & Tricks To Survive The Night In this sense, user Cole (BAE339) decided to test the system to obtain the family relics of the character Wraith. For this, and based on the current probabilities of obtaining a family heirloom set, we should not open more than 500 boxes to get it. “What convinced me about the Apex Packs was their guarantee. If you open 500 boxes, you have guaranteed the set of relics. Also, the only relics that are in the game right now are those of Wraith, my main character, and I wanted to make sure to get them before new ones are added, thus reducing the chance of getting lucky and receiving them.” “At least three of my friends received the relics of Wraith in just a few boxes, surely I would not take the 500 boxes, right? False. I bought packs successively. I always thought, ‘The relics will come in the next batch of packages.’ I knew from the first box what I was going to, but I still could not stop. I opened boxes until I reached number 500 to get the family relics of Wraith.” Also Read: Top 25 Best Android Multiplayer Games “I can assure you that it was not worth it. Now I have all the blue rarity items of the game, along with innumerable legendaries for almost all the weapons and legends of the game, none of which interests me. All for the search of a set of elements that has less than 1% chance of appearing” said user, of course, Cole. Moreover, the said player, of course, Cole has verified that the system, in effect, works. While the all-new battle royale game Apex Legends recently received its new HAVOC weapon, in addition to offering a gift booty with Twitch Prime. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.