This Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone XI

We all know very well that the tech giant Apple is currently going through a bad phase, as recently it has faced some loss in the stock market, drop in the sales of its products and sales ban of some iPhone models due to the action of Qualcomm. Hence, now according to the rumors spread by the well-known media platform, Bloomberg which is encouraged by the well-known multinational company, Sony itself, the all-new upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI of 2019 could include a 3D camera sensor which will simply revolutionize the photography on smartphones. Also Read: Best iOS 11 Tips and Tricks For Your iPhone As after the setbacks and few innovations of the iPhone in recent years, more and more people miss the keynotes of Steve Jobs. So, it is true that the latest iPhone has included all the important technological innovations like the fingerprint reader or 3D facial recognition system, but they have not meant a radical change in the use of smartphones. Hence, now the inclusion of a 3D camera sensor in the upcoming iPhone of 2019 would be an important innovation. This new type of sensor, which Sony will start shipping in 2019, captures not only the 2D image but also the depth, which could lead to new applications. As the well-known Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, of course, Sony has presented these days its new 3D sensors that promise to revolutionize the photography segment on the smartphones. The well-known media platform Bloomberg has interviewed Satoshi Yoshihara who is the head of Sony’s sensor division, although not said anything directly but, hinted that the tech giant Apple will be one of Sony’s buyers of 3D sensors in 2019. But, why Apple needs the 3D camera sensor? Using a series of laser sensors and calculating the time it takes to bounce and return, the 3D sensors can capture volumes and distances, and apply depth effects and more realistic 3D viewing which will be much more perfect than the traditional sensor. Also Read: Top 10 Best Hacking Tricks And Tips For iPhone This is just what Apple needs simply to improve the feature and accuracy of its Face ID camera which also captures 3D faces but needs much more enhancements. With a 3D sensor, Sony ensures that you can capture the depth at a distance of 5 meters. This would allow Face ID to recognize faces more easily and more accurately. And not only that even it will also put the privacy enthusiasts on alert since smartphones will be able to recognize people much more easily. However, apart from all these things, all these are just rumors, so to know what exactly these big giants are planning to do simply we have to wait. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.