Although “It just works!” is Apple’s motto, you probably sometimes wish its products were a bit more intuitive. For instance, we found that the Apple TV’s remote was a major letdown. So if you’re looking for a user-friendly remote for your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K, the Function101 Button Remote could very well be exactly what you’re looking for. The Function101 Button Remote looks, feels, and functions exactly as a standard remote would. Its buttons are made of silicone for a familiar feel, and they’re all thoughtfully laid out. The only thing missing is voice input, but with all the buttons you can possibly need, you probably won’t feel like you’re missing out.  The Function101 Button Remote uses standard infrared technology (IR), so you can synchronize it with your TV in seconds. Then, you can control everything on your TV, including the power, volume, and mute functions. Although IR does require a line of sight to control your Apple TV, it will work from as much as 39.3 feet away. That wide connectivity range means you can just sit back and relax as you enjoy your favorite entertainment. Of course, while the Button Remote is compatible with the Apple TV & Apple TV 4K, it’ll also work with most TV brands. So it should come as no surprise that viewers rave about how happy they are with the Function101 Button Remote. Verified purchaser Cynthia R. rated it five stars, saying, “The remote is amazing. I purchased three, and I’m so glad I did. Works wonderfully with Apple TV. What is crazy is my husband and I each have to have a remote.” There’s so much more to navigate on smart TVs, and it’s even possible to complete online skills training! So it’s more important than ever that you have an easy and intuitive remote control. If you want a more user-friendly primary or secondary remote for your Apple TV, get a Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV/Apple TV 4K now while it’s on sale for only $25 with code BUTTON5.