To take advantage of these technologies available on iPhone X, an interesting project was presented, using an app called Parallax View. This new software and all the development created around the technologies of the iPhone X, create an illusion of depth, using 3D monitoring of the user’s face from the new front camera of the iPhone.

Augmented Reality on iPhone X

This new concept inside the Apple home may lead to the market a series of new applications that can change the way the smartphone is used in some scenarios. Augmented reality can bring various tools to the user’s hand that facilitate and integrate into this element capabilities that were not being exploited. An example of this capability is the application designed by Peder Norrby. The app takes advantage of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera to infer the 3D position of a user’s eyes.

Using the eye position and the rectangle screen of the device, a non-symmetrical camera vanishing point is drawn by defining an off-axis projection which, when used for rendering on the device, allows objects to appear in front of and behind the screen of the device. As we can see in the video below, the author explains how he developed this technology and gives some examples of what could be done in the future.

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