We are talking about Magic Sudoku, a project based on ARKit, the augmented reality of iOS 11 and in principle serves for the numbers to be calculated fully automatically with only focus with the camera of our mobile, a somewhat curious project.

— Brad Dwyer (@braddwyer) September 19, 2017 Augmented reality is coming standard, but for iOS 11, a system that is already compatible with it and therefore, developers take advantage to use the potential of augmented reality and thus create applications and games where such technology is present. Magic Sudoku is a fairly simple app, since, as we said above, you only have to focus with the camera of your mobile to a sudoku so that the augmented reality analyze the necessary calculations and thus be able to obtain the result of all the numbers that go in each picture. Yes, once analyzed the sudoku the app will put the numbers and then you can write it down on a sheet and then fill the sheet and thus, surprise your friends; of course, it will be cheating. Without a doubt, ARKit, the augmented reality of iOS has surprised us these days with different projects that save us time and above all, give us productivity something that we need today and more, when we have excellent mobile devices such as iPhone. In addition, I believe that in such sector the tech giant Apple comes with a clear advantage in terms of smartphone, since, it is accurate with applications, most are free, among other things. The augmented reality arrives to stay and everything seems to indicate that this year it will begin its deployment just as it had the virtual reality at the time. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.