As today in this article, we will show you an awesome application that will let you control your iPhone with your eyes.

This Awesome App Lets You Control Your iPhone With Your Eyes

We have long been accustomed to using our mobile devices with our fingers and we make them our tools to control all interactions. Of course, this is a traditional method, but it may soon be outdated. With the development of new interfaces, and with the new hardware present, we have a world of possibilities within our reach that we can explore. That’s what the creators of Hawkeye Access did. Let’s see how we can control the iPhone with our eyes, yes, it may sound a bit odd, but, it is true. As the all-new Hawkeye Access is the latest tool which is created to simply control the tech giant Apple’s iPhone, dedicated to all those who have physical limitations or who can not control, at the moment, their iPhone with their own hands. With the use of the eyes, as we told earlier simply you can use your smartphone, controlling it with just a glance, you can also interact with the device, giving it virtual touches, and indicating what you want to do.

Basically, the main idea of creating the all-new Hawkeye Access came last year after Hawkeye Labs’ top manager attended the tech giant Apple programmers’ event and focused on the ability to use the iPhone to track eye movement. From there on, the full potential of the iPhone has been explored and Hawkeye Access now lets you navigate and play virtually any link or option. Just look at the bottom of a page for this to be advanced or simply look at a link and blink the eye so that it can open the link for you.

Due to some limitations of the technology, the all-new Hawkeye Access works only inside a specific app, but that gives access to the Internet by a browser and to other services, also them via the browser. Because it uses the camera with TrueDepth, the all-new Hawkeye Access is limited to the iPhone and especially to the iPhone X and iPhone XS, in its 2 models. But, given the ease with which this technology will evolve, the all-new Hawkeye Access could soon be extended to other operating systems and many more smartphones as well. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.