Overall, the transformation lasted no longer than 3 hours, so it takes some time to make a change to the iPhone 5S. Despite this, with the right tools and the perfect case, an iPhone 5S can be turned into an iPhone 7 from outside, so remote to fool almost anyone who sees in someone’s hand. This transformation of the iPhone 5S image still comes with some compromises, namely a decrease in the signal but only 15-20%, not quite fitting-old screen is just so perfect on the body of aesthetically. Besides these things, the remaining buttons work smoothly, so theoretically anyone would want such a change, they can simply enjoy it without any problems.

So, as we told that with a range of kits and some tools from Chinese smartphone manufacturers that you can access through AliExpress, you can simply transform your old iPhone 5 or 5s into an “iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 mini”. However, we told earlier that this process is not as complicated as you think it is, and almost everyone can do it in a couple of hours with about $50 to pay for patience, kit, and tools.

However, if we score the overall impressions, then it’s sexy, the quality of this Chinese piece of aluminum is impressive. It seems like they just used the same aluminum that goes for 7. Compared it to original iPhone 7 and it’s probably in halftone to brown. Buttons and sensors work perfectly. While the antenna reception is 15-20% worse which is the only issue and noticeable lack of 2.5D glass rounding. If you don’t want to upgrade and clean your pockets, then I think it is the best option for you. So, if you want to buy a kit for your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s then simply click here to buy.