While it’s really wonderful that we can now take truly amazing photos with our phones and stunning video from affordable drones that can be folded up and carried around the world, those files are taking up more and more gigabytes of storage on our computers and mobile devices. And it’s no fun to continuously have to try and free up space. The Portable SSD External Hard Drive 2 TB is super easy to use since it’s plug-and-play, and the design was created for utmost portability. So it’s not only easy to carry and handle, its sleek black aluminum and PC case has a barely noticeable footprint. At only 0.4 x 3 x 3 inches, it will fit into even the tightest remote workspace with no problem whatsoever. Thanks to a Type-C interface and USB 3.1 port that provides high transmission speeds, this Portable SSD External Hard Drive will transfer data as much as five times faster than a typical hard drive. You’ll get read speeds of up to 43MB/s, and even your write speeds will get to 37MB/s. This Portable SSD External Drive is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as macOS and Windows computers all the way back to Windows 7. Its manufacturer’s warranty is good for one year.