Therefore, the MIT has published a report on the new project of the company already known and experienced Second Sight. Who has presented its “bionic eye” to blind people.

In concrete form, this is Orion, a very particular device and that is the evolution of the first project for this purpose. This project if we remember then it caused great expectation around the world and of course, quite rightly, since it is composed of glasses with a camera and an external processor for its correct operation. Thus, blind patients are able to detect light, darkness, object outlines and even letters; something really awesome. The device is priced at $125,000; a price not suitable for everyone. Now, Orion is distinguished from its first brother because it includes an implant in the brain and is able to receive signals from the outside so that people can see what is around them. In addition, this device comes with several new features such as the ability to apply to different people such as those who lost the eye, those who have glaucoma, cancer, diabetic retinopathy, among others. As we see is not limited simply to the partial loss of vision. However, there is a problem and as we have already imagined the implementation and use of Orion requires surgery in the brain, this, to be able to put the receiver.

Like the aforementioned model, Orion requires glasses with a camera-equipped and an external processor. At the moment, they want to perform tests in patients for the month of October and, with a goal for year-end, to have the first implant ready and usable in a blind person. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.