With so many different types of electronic devices these days, it may feel impossible to use them together. Playing music from your phone on your car speakers or connecting your favorite headphones to your big screen TV isn’t always so straightforward, but no need to despair!  With this Two-in-One Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver, you can stream music from your phone or computer to non-Bluetooth devices or connect Bluetooth devices to TVs, projectors, and more. This adapter lets you enjoy superior audio practically anywhere in your home, and it’s on sale for $25.99. This dual-mode Bluetooth adapter offers 33 feet of range, allowing you to transmit and receive high-fidelity audio at distance, even while it’s charging. The device takes about two hours to charge completely, and it will deliver up to 10 hours of runtime. Plus, it weighs under three ounces, so it’s easy to carry anywhere you might need to play music, whether at a picnic or pool party.  Supporting SBC and aptX codecs, this adapter can deliver a sustained wireless audio streaming experience in TX mode. Sync it with a high-fidelity audio source such as your computer, laptop, TV, or projector, and you can stream audio straight to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers without delays.  RX mode works the opposite way. With this adapter, you can add Bluetooth functionality to a wide range of non-Bluetooth audio devices, such as HiFi headphones, amplifiers, subwoofers, car speakers, and more. Transmit the signal from your phone to the adapter, which will then send the audio to your devices. Plus, you can pair the Bluetooth adapter with two devices simultaneously in both modes.  If you want to enjoy wireless high-quality Bluetooth audio from your smartphone, get this Two-in-One Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver for only $25.99 or 27% off.