We all know that Nokia is famous for making the toughest phones that are always heard that phones of Nokia are indestructible, a classic example is the Nokia 3310. The phone is reputed to be the toughest of all, and with so much fame, spawned several memes on the internet for many years and earning today. But, now it seems that the thing is serious. We just know that one Nokia 105 has saved the life of his owner stopping one bullet. Yes, it may sound little weird but, it’s true that a Nokia phone saved the life of a man. Not that the old Nokia are indestructible, but at least take one of these “bricks” in the pocket can save you from trouble. Tell that if not the protagonist of this bizarre story, we have met through Peter Skillman, designer of the Nokia 105. This engineer shared several photos on social networks in which one is bullet embedded in the body of the phone . It fails to cross it completely, so it is understood that its owner was shot very close to death. “A Nokia phone I worked a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week. The bullet is lodged in the machine.” Peter said in his posting. It has not been confirmed if actually saved the life of Afghan, or if it was a test to test the cell resistance.

— peter skillman (@peterskillman) October 5, 2016 It’s amazing structural strength that these mobile phones have, being able to save someone’s life by stopping a bullet. One can compare the cell resistance to a vest approves bullets, but with a much smaller structure. However, the Nokia 105 is one of the cheapest phones from the Finnish company. It was released in 2013, without much success in the West. No embargoes, in emerging countries did relatively achieved significant sales figures. It is an economical and small feature phone with basic features which is not even much demanding device among users. In fact, it has been in Afghanistan where the fact is narrated has occurred. The country, at war for decades, has areas that are common for bombings and shootings. The owner of this Nokia mobile has saved him carrying in his shirt pocket, but, others may not be so lucky. So, now forget the 4G or videos in high resolution. The star feature of the Nokia 105 is the LCD color screen, nothing more and nothing less.