Or you can buy a high-tech, self-cleaning bottle and get clean hydration immediately. Skeptical on how these gadgets work? Don’t be. We’ve found a high-tech water bottle that delivers the goods and has promising reviews to back it up.

This water bottle cleans itself

That’s right: With the Cui Liu Smart UV Self Cleaning Water Bottle, clean water is just at your fingertips. Literally! Here’s how it works. Just tap the button on your smart lid and see the power light glow as it zaps away 99.9% of bacteria. After one and a half minutes, you’re in the clear to say, “Cheers!” Plus, there’s a self-cleaning mode. Purple light emanates from your bottle every six hours to keep your water fresh and your bottle clean as a whistle. Or you can manually start it whenever you want to refresh your drink. Never buy bottled water again! With an inner shell of food-grade stainless steel, this high-tech water bottle is tough enough to withstand day-to-day use. When you’re out camping, you don’t have to worry about dropping this bottle. You should remember to recharge it from time to time, but that’s easy as pie. When you want to charge your smart lid, remove the silicone plug over the USB port. You can connect the included charger to your power source and enjoy the illumination that indicates the charging process is ongoing. Once the light fades, you’re free to go. Promising review: “The packaging is stunning and presents beautifully for gifting. The matte bottle exterior has a nice feel and is not slippery when wet. Very useful when you find yourself refilling in a hotel sink or public water source. The UV sanitizing function is intuitive and easy to use. Best of all, it kept my water cold for over 20 hours on a warm day.”