This Bug Gave Users Access To Strangers’ Google Photos

Have you saved your private photos in Google Photos? If so, then you should know that recently, the security researchers have found a critical error in this well-known storage service Google Photos with Android TV. As through Android TV, you can access private images of other users, which are hosted in Google Photos, and that should only be visible to the users who are ‘associated’ in shared albums. Also Read: Top 50+ Best Google Tricks and Tips Some users of Android TV, as they have released on the well-known platform of the social network Twitter, have encountered this problem. When using the functions of ‘discovery’ of the operating system for smart TVs, Android TV, not only appear own contents but also private images of other users hosted in Google Photos.

SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?! @Google @GoogleIndia — prxshxnth (@wothadei) March 3, 2019 And not only that, in fact, you can also access in this way the images that any user has in Google Photos, as long as their account is linked to a TV with Android TV operating system. As one of the users who is the first to experience this bug has stated that, everything happens when using the Google Home application linked with Android TV. By making use of the related functions, the linked accounts of a huge number of users appear. And this is not the biggest problem, although it should not happen either, but the fact of being able to access the private images that these users have hosted in Google Photos. As all those photos are displayed, as the user who is in question simply indicates when using the environment mode as ‘screen saver’ of the operating system for televisions. Also Read: Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks It seems to be a difficult problem to replicate, explained the user, moreover, the user who is in question also stated that “when restarting the TV, all the Google Photos images that I had previously seen stopped appearing. However, the linked accounts have remained available for this same person. It is unknown, at this moment, if the problem is Android TV, the Google accounts themselves or the Google Home application. But it is not the manufacturer of the smart TV, and for the moment no solution of any kind has been made public officially”. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this article then simply do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.