This is a crowded market, and while dealing with giant phones, we always forget to give importance to battery life before purchasing any phone. But having a premium phone is not the end of the story; a battery is something we always underestimate while buying a phone. So today, I will share something that will blow your mind for sure. Smartphones have disastrous battery life, with some not even withstand a full day. It becomes very hard to fully use a smartphone if we have a few percent batteries left. What if I tell you you can charge your phone within 10 minutes? You might think that was unacceptable. I know the fast charging feature is available in many phones, but that cannot cover your battery up to 70% within 10 minutes. The clear fact here is that the technology is somehow reached its peak.

Chip That Can Charge Your Phone Up to 100% within 10 minutes

Rachid Yazami, a professor at Nanyang Technological university, Singapore, invented a new chip embedded in batteries that will charge your phone faster than you ever expected. The chip is very tiny. The chip is intended to be embedded not only in the smartphone but in other devices where a battery is used. The tested results show that it can charge up to 75% within 10 minutes while not damaging any battery. Rachid Yagami also talked to tesla about launching this technology. He had also managed to speak with Sony and Samsung, the two giants in the smartphone market. But the response is not strong enough to lift the motivation. We can expect this chip to be launched early next year. But it will take some extended time to reach India, so Indians can expect this chip to be launched in 2017.