Well, reports claim that The Pirate Bay was testing the miner for a short period (24 hours). The code was placed on the site’s footer which uses visitors’ CPU to mine Bitcoins. Now, recent reports from gHacks claim that another popular chrome extension named SafeBrowse has been found running digital coin mining module in the background. Well, the miner keeps running in the background when the extension is enabled. Users who have installed the SafeBrowse extension might be seeing an increased CPU spikes when Chrome web browser is running. Well, the extension tries to connect with coin-hive.com. The SafeBrowse chrome extension has been removed from the web store. But, the extension was already being installed by over 150,000 users. Therefore, if you are having this extension on your Chrome browser then remove it because you won’t get any further updates. One more thing to note here, since the chrome extension was installed via a legitimate path, there are high-chances that in future, crypto mining extensions could also be installed using a malware attack. So, what do you think about this latest technique to mine digital currency? Share your views in the comment box below.