At first, the idea of automating the work sounds really great. We just have to work hard at first to leave everything ready, and then live off the income. In many cases a degree of automation, to dedicate ourselves to the tasks that really worth absolutely necessary. But one thing is that, and quite another to let the machine do all our work. But clearly keep this thing in mind that once this gets discovered then it is clear that we are not required anymore in the companies. This is what happened to Reddit user “FiletOFish1066”, who tried to seek help in the community after being fired. Yes, “FiletOFish1066” is the lucky person who has really “worked” for Six years without giving any mental presence and effort. In fact, it seems that he spent his days browsing Reddit and other sites, play League of Legends and ultimately do what he pleased while received a yearly salary of up to $95,000 . Not bad, right? “For about 6 years now, I have not done anything at work. I’m not kidding. For 40 hours a week going to work, play League of Legends in my office, browse Reddit, and does what I actually wanted”. Really this guy is a genius as well as insane. Here is what this lucky person is basically known as “FiletOFish1066” describes in his own words what it was like to automate his own job:- “From around 6 years ago up until now, I have done nothing at work. I am not joking. For 40 hours each week I go to work, play League of Legends in my office, browse Reddit, and do whatever I feel like. In the past 6 years, I have maybe done 50 hours of real work. So basically nothing. And nobody really cared. The tests were all running successfully. I shit you not, I had no friends or anything at work either, so nobody ever talked to me except my boss and occasionally the devs for the software I was testing”. Mr. lucky guy “FiletOFish1066” has actually left the California State University as a graduate in computer science, and had the good fortune to get a job as a programmer dedicated to testing software development, a company of the Bay area, one of the most powerful today within startups. Basically, it was a work of quality assurance (QA), which had to check that everything is working properly, and write some code if the solution was simple. But, later he found that he completely forgot the thing that helped him to get the job and build his Autobot and now poor “FiletOfFish1066” has no marketable skills to get another programmers job. However, either by youth or ignorance, he failed to see that this was his best chance for a stable and future work. Instead, he spent the first 8 months at work to develop systems to automate testing code and finally he developed a code which automatically does all his work, and since from that time he did not return to his work. Here is what he expressed at last “Time to try and cut my League of Legends and beer addiction…..I’m going to try and practice running through Cracking the Coding Interview as well as a data structures and algorithms book. I’ll also be applying to some jobs. After thinking about it for a while I think once I study everything I forgot, my motivation will come back. I always liked software dev, I just was a lazy ass”.