Rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S7 have made their way online at a rapid pace in recent weeks, and every day seems to throw up a new titbit surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship. Today, evleaks is teasing us with a render that could be showing the rear side of an actual Galaxy S7.  The render is similar to ones seen before – there is the Galaxy S7 logo in the middle, but this time the logo seems to be printed on the device itself instead of some random background. Supporting the possibility of this being a cutout of an official render are the curved edges on the sides. Like the Galaxy Note 5, the regular Galaxy S7 is expected to have curves on the back, a design element aimed at making it easier to hold on to the slippery metal and glass design that Samsung is employing for its flagships (and for other devices, like the new Galaxy A series). Going by evleaks’ tweet, the retired-then-unretired leakster does seem to have the entire render at his disposal, and the tweet also suggests we will see him offer more information on the device very soon. It wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see leaks that show the final version of the Galaxy S7 in the coming days considering we are less than a month away from the phone’s announcement, something that many will welcome given all the conflicting reports we have seen recently.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) January 28, 2016