How good are they at seeing the unseen? Just listen to how this former CIA director handles a scam caller. Tap or click here to listen to William Webster, former FBI, CIA director on The Kim Komando Show. To join its legion of agents, CIA applicants are required to show how skilled they are at noticing small details. To show just how tough it is, the official Twitter account for the CIA has posted a challenging quiz designed to test your visual skills. If you think you have what it takes to join the CIA, try this quiz out for size.

Can you beat this CIA test?

CIA agents need top-notch observational skills in order to succeed in their jobs. And to show just how demanding their work can be, the official CIA Twitter account has posted a visual challenge to test your powers of perception. At first glance, these images look identical — but looks can be deceiving. Try your best to see if you can tell the difference between the top and bottom pictures. Give up? If you’re ready to check your work, take a look at the image below to confirm your answers. According to the CIA, “If you found more than 10 differences, you practiced good tradecraft.” Tradecraft, in this case, means spy technique. But wait, there are only 10 boxes in the image above! Does that mean there are even more differences to spot? It’s a cheap trick, and you’ll kick yourself for not getting it. Can you figure it out? As it turns out, it’s the emblem on the BMW in the foreground! It’s not there in the top image. Unless you’re especially eagle-eyed, we don’t blame you for not catching it. That said, can you spot any more differences we missed? If you can, you might want to contact Langley and request an application. Tap or click here to try and solve another creepy CIA quiz from Instagram.