You all might be thinking why I am talking about Facebook Graph Search? Well, recently a Belgian ethical hacker created an online tool which just tells you how much of your Facebook data is public. That means you will not only get to know all your public information, but you can also stalk your friends Facebook profile. The creator of this tool claimed that it doesn’t violate any of Facebook’s privacy and policy and the site isn’t affiliated with Facebook. Stalkscan is the creepy search engine that filter users by gender, location, relationship status and much more. Stalkscan can tell you where your friends have commented or whatever they liked today etc. However, avoiding Stalkscan to sniff you is easy. You just need to implement the privacy settings on your Facebook profile intelligently. Therefore, make sure to make appropriate changes to secure your Facebook profile. Well, many of you might be thinking that Stalkscan does nothing extraordinary and it just tells what’s publicly available. However, Stalkscan allows you to ditch all those search strings to utilize Facebook’s Graph search. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment section below.