That mystical threshold has been crossed, however, thanks to the magic of 3D printing some innovative engineering work.  The dark sorcery was performed by of Tendigi, a mobile design development studio. He 3D-printed a custom case that, when paired with an app he built, runs Android on an ione. You can get the full walkthrough from ’s Medium post. He describes the technical challenges the limitations that come from this setup. was able to take the Android Open Source oject source code essentially build out his own workflow that would function with his custom case. It’s the case that functions as the hardware to run the operating system, while the ione is essentially an external display. It’s an impressive feat, though not the first time that has paired a seemingly incompatible operating system with hardware: He also put ndows 95 on an Apple tch. y this matters: This won’t be any kind of mass market product, but it’s always fun to see what kind of crazy hack someone is able to accomplish with a little ingenuity. It’s also worth noting how much one can do with the open source nature of Android. It’ll be a frosty day in the netherworld before anyone’s allowed to port iOS to an Android phone.