The United States government uses the Risk Management Framework to protect privacy, manage security, and keep trusted materials in the supply chain. Knowing how it works can provide more effective tools for these challenges and helps organizations working with the government better understand their process. The course is presented by iCollege. Founded in 2003 as iExpertSkills, in the years since iCollege has become one of the top online training academies, with students in over 120 countries. Over the 57 lectures, more than 21 hours total, the iCollege team breaks out the Risk Management Framework in the context of cybersecurity in detail. The framework was designed to navigate the web of regulations, laws, and standards that come into play when an organization is working to secure its network. It starts by examining how to prepare your organization for streamlining and better managing its cybersecurity infrastructure and risk assessment, categorizing systems and information. From there, select NIST 800-53 controls are explored and discussed. After choosing your controls, you’ll learn about implementation, assessment, control, and evaluation under the framework. The course is available with lifetime access and is available on desktop and mobile platforms. Cybersecurity is becoming more of a government focus, with the founding of the CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee in June and rising awareness of risks both inside and outside the government. Learning the RMF will help you stay on top of increasingly complex needs and offer you more tools to protect your organization. Enroll in NIST Cybersecurity & Risk Management Frameworks today for just $39.