The Mirabook looks like a 13.3-inch laptop, with a keyboard, a Full HD screen (1920 by 1080 pixels) and battery. However, it does not embed processor, RAM, and even less storage space. In fact, the Mirabook engine is your smartphone. The latter connects to the device via a small Type-C USB cable and then the Mirabook screen displays the interface of your smartphone. But, hold on, in Mirabook the microSD card support is also offered, so you can expand storage capacity beyond what your mobile phone has to offer. However, the Mirabook would not lack assets to convince the most users to adopt it, starting with its weight which will be of 1 kilo all round. And no plastic here, all the case is made of aluminum. Another advantage, the built-in battery gives it, according to its creator, a 24-hour autonomy while powering the smartphone (Android or Windows). And, of course, the tedious synchronization of data would belong to the past since you use your smartphone and nothing but your smartphone. This unit – which is not however, the first of its kind, tech companies like HP, Motorola have already tried it without success – could attract nomads who work primarily with their smartphone and seeking a more comfortable and convenient tool to use, Without having to take away a real laptop. So, it is really difficult to write a long text on a smartphone screen or to touch up an image with precision. However, the Mirabook could be launched via a participatory fundraising campaign in March or April for a price of $ 299.