iMicroscope R is an ideal microscope for any Smartphone, as it has a very compact size, slim and resistant. The measurements are 25 mm wide x 32 mm high and a thickness of just 4.5 mm, something positive, as it will not add more volume to our devices.

The invention is made with aspherical lenses, they are a type of lens with a curvature that is not part of a sphere, in such a way, it manages to eliminate the spherical errors of the objects, in this way avoiding the distortions. The use is quite simple since all we have to do is place the device on the camera and stick to the back case using a system of suction cups, as we see very useful. Consequently, the side-on button is activated and there is an immediate switch-over between the camera lens of the mobile phone and the device. iMicroscope R, is compatible with different models like iPhone and most Android phones, but ideally to place this device next to a mobile with a good camera to have a good experience and not have bad times, the device has an app for Capture the images and in addition, can be acquired with some rules to measure the scales. Also, we can take photographs up to 320x.

To make this microscope you have to access the Kickstarter financing page, you can get it at a price of about 40 euros. The whole, closes on June 24, as it has achieved the goal. Orders will be made starting next August. So, what do you think about this new device? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.