If you’ve ever worked in an office, you likely have at least a baseline understanding of Excel. But you’ve also likely only scratched the surface of what this multifaceted program can do. To unlock its true potential, you’ll need to have the right training. This bundle comes with an Excel training course that will transform you from an Excel novice into a full-fledged pro. Through 85 lectures and five hours of content led by Excel expert Chris Dutton, you’ll learn how to explore and analyze massive sets of intricate data. You’ll learn to gain valuable insights about trends, build predictive models, create explanatory charts and graphs, and more. This course also walks you through how Excel can be combined with PivotTables in order to give you even more analytical power. You’ll have access to classes that cover everything from table layouts and styles to raw data structures and statistics. Having completed the Excel training, you’ll be ready to move on to the Microsoft Power BI course. With nearly 20,000 positive ratings from students, this 116-lecture course will teach you how to work with one of the leading analytical platforms in the world, which allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources. You’ll learn how to transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards, how to streamline the business intelligence workflow, and how to create engaging reports that can be used to explain complex trends and analysis. There’s even a course in this bundle that’s dedicated to teaching you about Power Query, Power Pivot, and DAX – three tools that will round out your Excel knowledge and supercharge your analytical prowess. Regardless of where life takes you, having a thorough and in-depth knowledge of these data tools and platforms will undoubtedly serve you well. Grab The Data Analysis with Excel + Power BI Bundle today while it’s on sale for just $24.99 – 95% off its usual price. Prices are subject to change.