But if you thought Facebook’s web design was tricky to figure out before, you haven’t seen anything yet. Facebook is officially switching to a new layout, which means a brand new set of menus and options to learn. Tap or click here to see what it looks like. If you’re not a fan of Facebook’s new layout, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the change is permanent, which means there’s no official way to change your Facebook back to the old design. But you don’t have to surrender to this new layout if you don’t want to. This browser extension can help you clean up your Facebook and make it look like it used to.

F.B. Purity makes the old Facebook new again

The new Facebook layout has several benefits you can’t get with the old one. A dark mode that’s easier on the eyes, larger buttons and cleanly-labeled menus are all baked into the new design. But there’s one problem: It’s completely different, which means we have to re-learn how to use the world’s most popular social network. What gives!? This is the nature of tech in 2020, as any fans of Apple, Google or PayPal could tell you. These companies have changed the layouts of their signature products more times than we can count, and each time it happens it means a few hours of learning how the new menus and options work. But since Facebook is where we connect with our closest family members, wouldn’t it be easier if we had a way to just go back to how things used to look? Well, it may not be an official method, but this handy extension can grant your wish and more. F.B. Purity is an intuitive browser extension that lets you customize the way your Facebook layout appears. By tweaking the settings, you can hide irrelevant menus, ads, app spam and games from your view. This means you’ll only be seeing the content you want without the extra fluff. You can use F.B. Purity to adjust the way your entire News Feed looks and functions. Hate autoplay videos? This extension can block them. Want to expand or shrink the width of the news column? You can absolutely make that change. You can even have your notifications sorted into chronological order — something that will make your friends with vanilla Facebook very jealous. It even lets you hide annoying content that you don’t want to see. If you’re burned out from politics and current events, all you need to do is filter the content. Tap or click here to see how Facebook is handling political ads in 2020. In a nutshell, it’s as close to rolling back the clock as you can get without actually doing it. All you need is a compatible browser.

How do I install F.B. Purity?

To get started with F.B. Purity, all you need to do is visit its official website and click Install on the menu bar at the top of the page. From here, you can select your browser version and install the extension. Tap or click here to visit F.B. Purity’s official website. If you click the link above and feel nervous about what you see, don’t worry — we get it. The website admittedly looks pretty sketchy. But it’s not a dangerous or compromised site. It’s just more than a decade old is all. And unlike Facebook, it hasn’t changed its layout. The extension is free to download for users of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Go ahead and give it a try. It will make Facebook feel like its old self again — or possibly something brand new and more to your liking.