The security expert Dan Melamed explained the flaw in detail on his blog where he stated that “Back in June of last year I discovered a critical vulnerability that allows me to remotely delete any video on Facebook. In addition, I also had the ability to disable commenting on any video. This allows a bad actor the ability to delete videos on Facebook without permission or authentication”. Melamed says he discovered this problem during a video upload. Melamed succeeded in managing the videos of others with the little play on the link address (URL), although it has been a while since the opening reached everyone. So, to demonstrate this process he also uploaded a video on Youtube confirming the action that he made.

Of course, the enlightenment is the enigma that has not been discovered by others until now. On the other hand, some videos claimed to be deleted by Facebook may have been deleted in this way. Fortunately, Melamed has shared this dilemma with Facebook by acting with compassion. So, like other tech giants, the social media giant Facebook also has reward (bug bounty) programs.