This is great for creating a sleek, simple design, but it can be a bit of a pain for professionals who need different ports. For example, if you need an HDMI port to add a second display, that means a dongle. Need a USB-A port? That’s more dongles. And soon dongles take over your whole life. And life comes to a crashing halt when you one day forget your dongles. But what if there was a charger that also gave you additional USB ports and an HDMI port? This is exactly what the Baseus 67W GaN5 charging station offers.  Also: Need more ports? This tiny, lightweight, premium-quality dock delivers 

Baseus 67W GaN5 charging station tech specs:

Type-C1 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/3.35AType-C2 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/3.35AType-C1+Type-C2 Output: 20W+45WType-C1 20W: 5V/3A; 9V/2.22A; 12V/1.67AType-C2 45W: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/2.25AHDMI: 4K 30HzSize: 96 x 46 x 38mmWeight: Approximately 288gNote: The USB-A port does not support fast charging, and only supports USB 2.0 data transmission and charging for low-current devices, such as earphones, smartwatches, etc.

The setup is as follows – you connect the main USB-C port to the laptop, which both supply charge (a maximum of 45W) and handle data. The second USB-C port handles both data and charging up to 20W, and there’s a legacy USB-A port for low-speed charging and data needs. Also: This powerful 140W USB-C charger is smaller than Apple’s and has 3 ports And since the charger uses gallium nitride technology, it runs efficiently and doesn’t overheat like older silicon-based chargers. The HDMI port connects to a second monitor or projector, depending on your needs. I’ve spent time testing this charging station and it’s a winner. The 45W of power over the main USB-C port is a bit low for a MacBook Pro, but perfect for a MacBook Air or tablet. The HDMI port is also great for adding a second display, or for casting something like a Nintendo Switch to a TV. Also: This USB-C charger can power 4 devices at once and look good doing it The offset mains plug is a nice feature, allowing better cable management at your outlets. The charging station comes with a 100W Baseus USB-C cable supporting the latest USB4 standard for up to 40Gbps of bandwidth, 4K video support, and 100W charging.