So, if you are interested in artificial intelligence, then you will find this article very help helpful because here we are going to tell you about software that allows you to interact with your personal computer using your voice commands. Braina which stands for “Brain Artificial” is an intelligent virtual personal assistant, human language interface and automation software for Windows PC. This software is developed just to make your life easier. As written on the official website of Braina “Braina is not a Siri or Cortana clone for PC but rather a powerful personal and office productivity software. It isn’t just like a chatbot; its priority is to be super functional and to help you in doing tasks. You can either type commands or speak to it, and Braina will understand what you want to do.” “Braina is a result of solid research work done in the field of artificial intelligence. We are working to make Braina a digital assistant that can understand, think and even learn from experience like a human brain. Braina does language understanding and learns from conversation.” Through voice commands, you can search the internet, play songs, open a file for you, search inside a director, set alarms & reminders. It can even solve mathematical questions too. It is just like automating various computer tasks. It is available in three version– Braina Lite which is free, Braina Pro (1 year) at $29 and Braina Pro (3 years) at $59. The free version has limited features. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.