But just like a living organism, its intricate parts can wear down, fail, or become swamped with junk. Old software, outdated processes and leftover settings can cause a computer to run slow or perform poorly. When this happens, what can you do to make your computer run like new again? That’s where registry cleaners come in. They scan and clean away these leftover files, programs and processes to bring your computer back to fighting shape. If you’re looking for the best free registry cleaner for Windows, we’ve found one that will shape your computer up in no time at all. You won’t believe how fast your system will run once it’s cleaned up.

What is a registry in Windows?

Whenever you install a new piece of software or hardware, your computer records the settings, drivers and configuration for the product into its memory. This helps the system retrieve these settings much faster when the product is in use. This index of recorded information is known as the registry — and it’s what allows your computer to function in the way you’re familiar with. In fact, most instances of computers crashing, performance issues and accessory glitches are caused by registry errors. That’s why a large number of viruses and malware target the registry in order to harm your system. Because of this, computer experts often emphasize that you should avoid messing with your registry if you can help it. If you make a mistake, it can spell disaster for the health of your PC. Registry cleaners, however, were designed to avoid mistakes when inspecting the registry and are able to safely remove unused configurations and files that may be slowing your computer down. Using a registry cleaner allows you to maintain your system in a much safer manner, and eliminates many of the risks that come with unknowingly mucking around with the registry.

Wise Registry Cleaner can bring performance back to your PC

Our recommendation for a free registry cleaner is Wise Registry Cleaner, which is available as a free download for all Windows versions from XP to Windows 10. We chose Wise, not only for its ease of use and high reviews but its incredibly wide availability for Windows. Even if you haven’t upgraded your computer in ages, Wise most likely has a compatible option for your system that can clean out useless registry keys for a marked difference in system performance. Best of all, it features guided tutorials and modes for new and experienced Windows users alike — so even if you’re a novice, you can take advantage of the program’s advanced features for yourself! One important note before you go cleaning: It’s always important to back up your important files before you make any changes to deep system components like the registry. For backing your computer up, Komando.com recommends our sponsor, IDrive. All of IDrive’s services are cloud-based — meaning that even if something were to happen to your physical computer, your files would be safe and sound on the cloud! Sign up with IDrive today and save 50% on 5 TB of cloud backup now! That’s less than $35 for the first year! Don’t be surprised if your computer moves a lot faster after being cleaned. All systems will degrade with time, but keeping the registry clean and stable is one of the best ways to expand the longevity of your PC. With proper maintenance and attention, your Windows PC should last you for years to come! To get the free Wise Registry Cleaner download, tap or click the link we’ve provided below inside the yellow box. Or tap or click here.