Well, researchers are busy developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware. Researchers are now coming up with tools that have the potential to unlock the locked computers. Well, previously we have also seen researchers identifies another malware which is known as EternalRocks. The researcher also claimed that ‘EternalRocks’ ransomware is more dangerous than WannaCry and it is potentially difficult to fight. Recently, security firm Qihoo (360 Total Security) has developed a tool which will let users scan their computer to find out if they are vulnerable to any known vulnerabilities that were used by the NSA. The report came from Softpedia. The new tool can scan for the EternalBlue exploit which was used in WannaCry. It can even scan for other malware like EternalChampion, EternalSynergy, EternalRomance etc. The security firm explained “Attackers with these NSA cyber weapons can break into more than 70% of the Windows systems in the world. An unpatched PC may be infected as soon as it connects to the Internet even without any click on a link or a file” The tool does a simple job, it scans your computer to see whether it is fully patched to block all known vulnerabilities. It will also let users know about existing security flaws on their computer. The tool also suggests the required updates secure your computer. Well, users who want to try out the tool should try at their own risk. To download the tool, visit this link. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.