This is a gigantic machine with a lot of useful information that is often explored. The question that each of us should ask is “after all what information Facebook AI or Facebook collects,” and the question already has the answer, in the form of a Chrome extension, Data Selfie. Data Selfie is a simple and unobtrusive extension to Chrome that can show its users the information that the social media giant Facebook collecting and how it can be used. It starts without any data and with access to Facebook will accumulate and save the same information that the largest social network of the Internet guard over each of its users. All artificial intelligence were used to process the collected information, as well as all that was used to create a user profile. It is information that may leave many surprised, but the truth is that this is real and is being used. Everything you see, how long you see, where you click and where you access are simply getting collected by Data Selfie, which then processes the information using natural language processing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and others. The complete result is displayed in an information console that Data Selfie gives to the user. The information is presented on a timeline and with auxiliary data to be understood. The longer Data Selfie is used, the more information it shows and the better it know the user, just like the social media giant Facebook does. However, beyond what Data Selfie can process and perceive, it can also predict the future and shows users what their interests will be and what they want to look for. It bases this information on the interpretation of the data collected and also on all the artificial intelligence to which it has access.

As if we talk about the privacy, then in these case, Data Selfie simply keeps all the information stored on users’ PCs, not passing any data out. Also to ensure that the information is used in a conscious way, the Data Selfie creator has decided to make its code accessible to everyone which is available on GitHub. However, if you want to know more about the information that Facebook collects about and how it can be used, you should test Data Selfie for a few days.