The researcher is describing Petya as a wiper, which is much more worse than ransomware. Matt Suiche, founder of security firm Comae had researched Petya and found that it’s a wiper which deletes all the first sector of the disk. The security firm, Kaspersky had also analyzed the installation id that displayed on a victim’s screen, which they say is just generating random data. The security firm says that the attacker can’t actually decrypt the disk after getting the ransom since it doesn’t have any decryption key. Recently, security researcher Elad Erez had created a tool which is known as Eternal Blues. Users can use the tool to test if their computers are vulnerable to Petya wiper or not. Elad Erez on his blog wrote “The majority of latest WannaCry, NoPetya (Petya, GoldenEye or whatever) victims, are not technical organizations and sometimes just small business who don’t have a security team, or even just an IT team to help them mitigate this” “Running Nmap, Metasploit [a penetration testing software] (not to mention more commercial products) is something they will never do. I aimed to create a simple ‘one-button’ tool that tells you one thing and one thing only – which systems are vulnerable in your network.” Eternal Blues is a free tool that just checks your networks to see if they are still vulnerable to EternalBlue. Users need to download the tool on their computer and then hit the SCAN button and it will show you if your computer is vulnerable or not. If you find that your computer is vulnerable, then you need to install the Microsoft patch and keep your operating system up to date. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.