The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, explained that “if a new planet was discovered every second after the game comes out, players would take 584 billion years to visit each of the planets for one second”. Yes, it is correct, according to its developers No Man’s Sky computer game would actually take a gamer 584 billion years to finish. The chief goal of No Man’s Sky, whose stage is immense, is to reach the center of the galaxy. In order to achieve this goal, the game sets some restrictions, given the choice of players to a preferred way as traders, explorers or even fighters. The founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray also said that “the game uses a 64-bit number to generate all the planets in the universe. This means that the total number of planets is 2 to the power of 64, or, you can see, 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets. How it looks, so now just try to pronounce it out loud. In the early stages of development, No Man’s Sky used a 32-bit number, which offered “only” about 4 trillion planets. At the time, the executive said that the player would take “four or five thousand years to see all the planets if they spend one second in every one.” That scale is absurd. The decision to use a number of 64-bit instead of 32 came after inquiries of players. Many have claimed that, because of technological limitations, it would not exist as a truly infinite game universe. In response, the developer used the new range, which now requires about 584 billion years to be fully explored. Theoretically, the game is infinite, since no human being would be able to exploit it fully. According to Hello Games, the player’s mission, which is dropped on the edge of the universe, is to reach the center of the galaxy. The most interesting thing is that only 15 British developers made this possible through a smart use of technology and in this, view of the developer requires “intelligence, imagination and cooperativeness”.