Its appearance seems more like cinema standards than those of the robotics industry, as its chief designer, Vitaly Bulgarov is a specialist of Hollywood SFX veteran. At the moment, the project is still at a very early stage, but for the first time, they have got the robot to walk. This would not surprise you on its own unless it is controlled by a pilot inside the robot, in a cabin adapted to drive it as if it were a vehicle. Previously, it had already been demonstrated that the robot had a mobility that was more than acceptable and with little gap between the movement of the cockpit and the mechanical arms of the pilot, as Bulgarov demonstrated himself. Its objective with this type of robot is to be able to work in different industries in the medium and long term basis. At the moment, the main problem to get to this point is the robot’s independence, because it needs a battery that is durable and portable enough to carry inside the robot. Here is how Bulgarov taking control of the robot’s 286-pound arms:-

While the use of robots in the industry is nothing new, but its functions are specific and, in general, they have automatic and fixed functions for the manufacture of components. In the case of Hankook Mirae, the idea is to have a tool that can be handled freely. Posted by Vitaly Bulgarov on Tuesday, December 20, 2016