If you are an Apple fan and still waiting to receive the all-new iPhone X, then you are not going to digest this news. Recently, a game designer from Shenzen named Chen Ming bought 25 iPhone X smartphones to propose his girlfriend. Well, Apple had increased the iPhone X shipping time to 6 weeks. However, this guy managed to catch no less than 25 units of brand new iPhone X just to impress his girlfriend. So, what after purchasing those 25 iPhone X? Well, he placed all the iPhone X on the ground to form an expensive heart with an engagement ring right in the middle. Now you all might be thinking why only iPhone X? Well, let me tell you, both the couples are game addicts, with the new iPhone X they are supposed to enjoy almost every game without any performance issue.

Now you all might be thinking, why 25? Well, the Bride-to-be Lee is 25, and the guy decided to buy the 25 units of iPhone X to impress her. So, does he plan to keep all the units of iPhone X? Well, he doesn’t, the guy decided to give every unit to his friends who helped him to set up this perfect proposal. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.