His idea of starting: to build “a bot to apply for thousands of jobs at once.” The man does not lack ambition and has targeted in his research the big names of the hi-tech (Google, Slack, Facebook, Squarespace) companies where sharper profiles naturally advanced his CV in the pile of applications. Companies that mainly use Applying Tracking Systems (ATS) software solutions to chew recruiters’ work by analyzing keywords, skills, experiences, or studies.

538 applications over three months, 43 returns

As a robot, Robert Coombs automated web search, spreadsheets, and application forms. By compiling in a database contacts, he was able to improve the system on five versions by optimizing the applications sent by email with CV and cover letter as an attachment. According to the Fast Company, Robert Coombs Job-Application was so efficient that by the time Robert Coombs returned with a cup of coffee from down the street, the Job-Application sent around 1,300 job applications. As a result, Robert Coombs stopped the robot’s workings and decided to concentrate more on improvements. With those improvements implemented, Robert Coombs was able to send 538 job applications, but that does not imply that his life was uncomplicated because it was all about the simple errors that the application was making. After several iterations and a few embarrassing hiccups, I settled on version 5.0, which applied to 538 jobs over about a three-month period. Robert Coombs notes that the experience has not been entirely satisfied. However, with further tweaking, web specialist, Robert Coombs managed to get the return call from 43 companies, but those companies were small regarding their operational activity. However, here’s the most interesting thing is that it confers the revelation workings of a robot when you decide to improve it over time. Later, when Robert Coombs told his recruiters about his automation process, they simply got impressed. But apart from this, for now, he has decided to focus on his current job. So, what do you think about this? Share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.