James Ejankowski, 24, of Bridlington is an unemployed British hacker who discovered a flaw in the software of his bank used to manage its funds. When he made a transfer of funds from his checking account to a special savings account, between midnight and one in the morning, he manages to transfer more funds than he actually had. Taking advantage of this bug the 24-year-old unemployed British hacker, James Ejankowski managed to steal for four weeks about 135,000 British pounds (which is about Rs. 1,10,69,190) which have been transferred to an account of his partner. Far from behaving discreetly not to be discovered, with this money the 24-year-old unemployed British hacker, James Ejankowski paid some debts, gave a part to several relatives, who lied to justify how he had got the money, bought a BMW and a Range Rover, and also paid for the neck and face tattoos that can be seen in the opening photo. So, what do you think about this Hacker? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.