For example, your keys are at the bottom of a bag. Or you’ve dropped your keys into undergrowth. You’d think the sound, along with the brilliant white of the AirTag would mean that this wasn’t a problem, but in my experience, this is not the case. Even a shiny, noisy white disk can become quite invisible, doubly so when you need to find it in a hurry. I wish the AirTag had a LED built into it to make it stand out in low-light conditions (maybe we’ll see this when Apple comes out with the AirTags Pro). Also: How to hide an AirTag on your bike (and why you should) But for now, we have to come up with a different solution. And that’s exactly what Belkin has done with the Reflective Secure Holder for the AirTag.  This AirTag holder is a twist-lock design. You twist it open… … pop the two halves apart… … drop an AirTag in between the two parts and align the two halves… … twist the two halves shut…  … and add a split ring keyring to keep the two halves secured! How well does it reflect light in the dark?  Really well!  That ring of reflective paint really shows up with the smallest amount of light, making it easy to find your AirTag (and whatever is attached to it!). As an added bonus, the raised edges of the holder protects the AirTag from scratches and other damage. The holder doesn’t affect the AirTag’s range or the loudness of the speaker, which is a winner. You can buy these singly for under $13, which is a lot cheaper than the Airtag holders that Apple makes, but if you want a 4-pack you’ll have to head over to Apple, where they are sold exclusively, again at a quite reasonable price of $49.95.