After the Redmond company products have enjoyed with the fact that iPad Pro is actually not truly a PC, as it just simply not runs any desktop apps and not even supports any USB devices, and to have said that the company Cupertino, Apple sells outdated devices. So, now the tech giant Microsoft thinks that it is the valid time to attack Macs. On this past weekend, the tech giant Microsoft already began to circulate a new Microsoft ad video which simply shows that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 was simply enjoying with its most prominent competitor Apple’s product. This time, the target is the Macs and there is a part where the musician, who is part of the video, which states that Macs are just as useful as a “hat for a cat”. Now let’s watch the hilarious Ad video that could make you look seriously at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. However, this video is actually the part of a marketing campaign of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which simply compares the tech giant Microsoft device features with the Macbook. As you all can see that it is mentioned that the MacBook is slower, heavier … and even more square. By accessing this official Youtube channel of Surface , you can easily realize that many users condemn such provocations.