This Indian State Saves $58 Million Each Year By Using Free & Open Source Software.

We have already seen the most significant developments in the open source section. This open source world has already impacted a lot in the technology world. Let me tell you about Open source first. We use two types of software today. One is Open source software, and another one is Proprietary software. Open source is made available for everyone to use for free. Moreover, open-source software can be modified to suit everyone’s needs. If I have to explain Proprietary software in simple terms, then I would say that It is closed software, meaning it can’t be tweaked, and anyone, for their needs, can’t modify its source code. Well, there have been several stories that show that some cities have chosen to use open source software just to avoid the fees and limitations of the proprietary software. Let me give you an example. Microsoft and its products are part of proprietary software, whereas Linux and its components are open-source. Well, if you are an Indian, then you will feel good to know that an Indian state chose to use open-source software for a long time. In Kerala, IT became a compulsory subject in 2003 fol, lowed by the phased adoption of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) in 2005 just to replace proprietary software. K. Anwar Sadath, executive director [email protected], said they had been responsible for the easy classroom transaction of chapters, including customization of applications, teachers’ training, video tutorials, reports, and IANS. K. Anwar Sadath Said, “The proprietary version of this software would have incurred a minimum cost of Rs 150,000 per machine regarding license fee. Hence, the minimum annual savings (considering 20,000 machines) is Rs 300 crore. It’s not the cost saving that matters more, but the fact that the Free Software license enables not only teachers and students but also the general public an opportunity to copy, distribute and share the contents and use it as they wish,” Kerala IT News also reported that Ubuntu Linux is loaded on all desktops and laptops in school. GNUKhata and Microsoft Office have replaced Tally has been replaced by LibreOffice. So, according to you, which is the best? Open Source software or Proprietary software? Share your views in the comment box below.