They can be super fun and even informative. For years psychologists have used the Rorschach test to see how patients interpret different optical illusion images. We’ve come a long way since the days of inkblots. Now, a Swedish artist has created a mind-blowing illusion with the latest technology. It’s simply amazing.

Check out this freaky optical illusion

Artist Peder Norrby shared a video of his spectacular creation earlier this week on Twitter. Check it out below by clicking on the play button:

— Co.Design (@FastCoDesign) March 1, 2018 Norrby used his iPhone X to make it. Pretty incredible, right?

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If you love “Where’s Waldo” and other Hide-and-Seek games, this puzzle is going to be a thrill. The goal is to find the panda hiding in this picture, but several other characters make an appearance as well: R2-D2, a pirate, E.T., a duck and many others! Click here to see how many characters you can find in this fun brainteaser.