At this point, it has been reported numerous times that the upcoming Nexus handsets from Google will feature a redesigned navigation bar with an animated home button. Now, the folks over at Android Police have posted a GIF that shows the new animated home button in action. The home button does not animate for every other action. Instead, it will presumably animate only when one invokes Google Assistant, which will be done by long pressing the home button. It remains unclear if Google will be bringing this new animated home button to previous Nexus devices or only keep it exclusive to its 2016 Nexus handsets. From the leaks, it can be presumed that Google will be replacing Now on Tap with its new Assistant virtual assistant in Nougat and its upcoming Nexus devices. With Nougat being released this month, and new Nexus devices from Google launching in September, it looks like we are going to see Google release a more ‘Google-y’ phone this time around, instead of a Nexus, especially if you consider the earlier leak from today.