The Moshi Lounge Q changes that and makes charging much more reliable/ At the core of the Lounge Q is a 15W wireless Q-coil charging coil compatible with any Qi-enabled phone and that will work with cases up to 5mm thick. Attached to that is a 4-foot USB-C power cord. (USB-C charger supplied separately.) But the real magic is in the Scandinavian design. The Q-coil is housed in a very stylish stand made of aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, and microfiber cloth. The coil is fitted as such that it can have the height adjusted to make the perfect charging connection with whatever device you are using, no matter whether it is vertical or horizontal. On the side of the Q-coil is a tiny while LED light that breathes slowly when a device is charging and flashes rather aggressively when a foreign object is detected. Unlike many wireless chargers, the LED is nice and tasteful and unobtrusive, which is a nice design choice. The whole thing exudes quality and design. I have tested a lot of wireless chargers, and I have to admit that this one has made it onto my favorites list. Not only is it nice to look at (I don’t usually say that) but it’s also so practical and easy to use. I can just pop my smartphone onto it, and it charges every time. And I’ve been using it for quite a few weeks now, and it hasn’t let me down. As with all Moshi products, there’s a standard two-year warranty, and you can register on the site to get a 10-year global warranty. It’s not cheap – even compared to Moshi’s own 10W pad – but the quality and engineering of the Moshi Lounge Q for me justifies the $70 price tag.