This Is The Fastest Hard Drive  To Ever Go In A Laptop

If you are thinking of buying an SSD for your computer, you may want to wait a month (February). In the month of February the giant chip maker Intel will release its new Optane 800P, the fastest SSD in history, as fast as RAM but with the capacity to store files, like the rest of the units in solid state and HDD. In addition, it is bootable. This means that among the two models presented by the giant chip maker Intel at CES 2019, the 58 and 118 GB, you can keep the lower capacity and use it exclusively to install the operating system on it. This will make your PC much faster for less money. It is a new product in the line of Intel Optane SSD, the fastest on the market. A year ago several of them were presented, some destined to servers and companies and others to individuals. Its acceptance has been good, especially thanks to the stability and performance of the new 3DXpoint standard. This new type of memory is the first that is announced in years and is designed to make the computers of the future faster. For now, they are the Optane and little else who use it, hence their SSD come with such strange and unusual capabilities as 58 and 118 GB. It is simply something new. The solid-state drives, better known as SSD, gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. So far they have not overcome the traditional hard drive, much slower, but it is estimated that they will do so in the medium term. The cost reduction is all they need to impose and is that there is no colour between a PC that has the OS installed on a hard drive or the one that has it on an SSD. The second is much faster and more agile. One advantage of the new Optane 800P is that it comes in M.2 format, which makes it compatible with both laptops and desktops. That’s talking about “conventional” SSDs. The Intel Optane give a quantitative leap in terms of speed of writing and reading. The concrete performance has not been revealed with the other features of the Intel Optane 800P, and neither its price. We will have to wait until February to meet them. So, what do you think about this new fastest SSD of the giant chip maker Intel? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.