In October, Samsung unveiled a pair of new colors for the Galaxy Note 5 with the Pink Gold and Titanium Silver variants. Unfortunately, now that we know what a Galaxy Note 5 with a clear back looks like, we wish Samsung would make one of these models official. Just in case that never happens though, we’ve got Reddit poster Skarface08 to thank for showing us what it looks like in the real world. It took some tinkering to get the job done, but the finished result certainly makes it worth it for those willing to use a heat gun on their Galaxy Note 5. To achieve the goal, Skarface08 had to use a heat gun to warm up the backplate, and then a suction cup to pry the plate off the device itself. Once that was done, the poster used a razor blade to scrape the color film off the plate, but left behind the Samsung logo and the Galaxy Note 5 branding on the bottom. Skarface08 then attached the backplate back onto the phone and the rest is history. You can check out the video showcasing how it’s done right here. What do you think of the Galaxy Note 5 with a clear back?