The tech giant Google launched last week the new Google smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which are already part of Android 8, and it was not long before someone was inspired by the user interface of these new models. Hence, as a result, Action Launcher has recently updated its launcher, which is known as, Action Launcher. It’s rare the brand of Android smartphones that put models in the market with what we used to call Pure Android. Each employs a different identity, some even with different resources. Launchers are still the option for many users who, regardless of the model of smartphone they have, always have the features and image they want without being limited to what the brands offer. There are plenty of possibilities available in the Play Store to remember that, for example, the tech giant Microsoft is preparing to bring to Android a successor version of the Arrow Launcher, which will bring a greater connection between the smartphone and Android. The Microsoft Launcher is not yet available, but can now be tested as long as you sign up for the test program.

New features of Action Launcher

The Action Launcher is one of the most popular in this universe, although not so much as the New Launcher or the Aviate.

This brings to Android a great customization and extra features. Themes with colors that fit users who like a cleaner or more colorful image, a customizable search bar with shortcuts that are adaptable to the needs of each user. The applications appear in the drawer, among many other options. After launching the new Google Pixel, the launcher has received news and brought to you, for example, the new search bar, which instead of appearing on top, is already placed under the screen for faster access and more shortcuts. But this update has brought more interesting new features that allow for even greater customization. Simple things like changing the Google icon in this search box or rounding the corners. You now have integration with Google Now, the icons are now displaying extra information about notifications, and with a long click, they give you access to the quick features associated with each of them. It also has a new weather widget as well. Some of these features are available in the free version, but for example, the new search bar is limited to the Plus version which is not free. So, what do you think about this? SImply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.