However, Samsung’s next flagship handset will be Samsung Galaxy S8, and it is expected to feature a major redesign. The smartphone will lack physical home button and will have dual-lens rear camera setup just like iPhone 7 plus. As we saw earlier that how a new rumor coming from one of the China’s popular leakster, Ice Universe, suggests that the upcoming Galaxy S8 is expected to feature 8GB RAM and a newer UFS 2.1 flash storage chip. The same leakster also suggested that Samsung is going to manufacture their own 8GB RAM memory using its 10nm technology as pear a report by MySmartPrice. But, just after this rumor a new one arises on a Windows blog where Steve Litchfield of all about Windows Phone got his hands on a possible indication of a very intriguing new feature that may be coming to Samsung’s Galaxy S8. However, the new feature which was already in question shows something really interesting that the tech giant Microsoft added to its Windows recently. Continuum, it is a feature that allows a Windows phone to connect to a dock which simply allows Windows phone users to power a desktop experience. So, we already have lots of rumors and leaks since the release of the previous generation, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting closer to launch – at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona- and again rumors and information begin to ‘pile up’. The future device from Samsung is expected to feature a significant redesign. Apart from all of this, Samsung is going for an all-screen Galaxy S8 Design which will lack physical home button and might introduce dual-lens rear camera setup just like iPhone 7 plus. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a futuristic new design with an all-screen nearly bezel-less display like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but there will be no dual camera. One of the key points considering that hardly anything changed regarding the Galaxy S6, and everything points to bet on a front frameless screen.

Recently, an image has popped up on the popular Chinese social network well-known as Weibo. But, hold on, the leaked image is not official nor leaked stuff from inside the South Korean Giant Samsung itself. As the latest leak shows us a picture of a device that might be a Galaxy S8 prototype. The leaked image simply showing a handset that aligns with myriad rumors and reports that we have seen so far. However, this leaked image of Galaxy S8 has a curved display that takes up a large portion of the front side, just as rumors indicated. But, the most strange thing that SamMobile notes, is the on-screen navigation buttons, yes, the on-screen navigation buttons are actually missing here. As they should be visible when you head into Settings or any other app, rather than hiding automatically. So, it may possible that the picture is a Photoshop job. However, if we observe the past, then it is clearly visible that the popular Chinese social network well-known as Weibo has produced several leaks from its users that turned out to be real such as the killer smartphone OnePlus 3T.