Apart from all these things, Skype is one of the most used chat applications. The purchase that the tech giant Microsoft made was right and this is today the main communication tool of the tech giant Microsoft. However, recently a flaw revealed a fragility in Skype, which will not be resolved soon. According to the tech giant Microsoft, the work needed to solve it is too much and you will have to stay or wait simply to get the tech giant Microsoft’s solution or patch for Skype. It was security researcher Stefan Kanthak who last September revealed to the tech giant Microsoft the flaw that affects Skype. According to what is described, it is possible that an update of this application can load malicious code, through a process that forces the load of a malicious DLL.

Skype security flaw

The process is simple and requires only that the attacker has access to the file system, not requiring any physical access. By placing a malicious DLL in the operating system in a temporary folder, it can be loaded and then injects the malicious code into the application. The investigator who discovered the problem also revealed that the flaw is not limited to the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows, but can also be exploited on macOS and Linux as well. Stefan Kanthak, the security researcher also revealed that an update should not solve this Skype problem.

Microsoft’s (Non) commitment

Correcting this problem seems to be more complex than intended, at least for the tech giant Microsoft. According to the company, it will be necessary to rewrite much of the code of Skype so that the fault is completely mitigated. It is precisely here that lies the problem of the tech giant Microsoft. According to what the company has revealed, this fix will take too long and will consume too many resources to get it done right away. It is not clear that the tech giant Microsoft will correct this security flaw or not and if it does, it has no exact date. Thus, a serious failure of Skype is left unfixed. So, what do you think about this major security flaw? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.