Cyber security company Malwarebytes discovered the first strain of this virus earlier this year, but recently a second version named “FruitFly 2” has appeared. However, little is known about the newly discovered infection, especially since it is very rare to find targeted malware to attack Mac. Former NSA hacker and now chief security researcher for Synack, Patrick Wardle, started parallel to tech giant Apple patches an investigation. The results of the analyzes indicate that the virus has been infecting computers for about a decade and affects the latest versions of MacOS. “Fruitfly” connects to a command server in which a cyber-attacker can remotely spy and control the Mac. However, the degree of infection is not known in detail. “It’s not the most sophisticated Mac malware,” Wardle pointed out as “so to interact with it simply it had to create a command-and-control server that could speak the language of malware,” he added. “The most interesting feature is that the malware can send an alert when the user is active,” Wardle said, so the attacker can avoid interfering with the computer silently. “I have not seen it before,” he said. Also, apparently this malware can make screenshots of the display of varying quality – a useful system for connection with low bandwidth or to try to evade detection. Wardle notes that about 400 users contacted him as victims of that infection and that 90% of known victims are based in the United States. Which provided a notion that viruses for Mac exist, although the number is less than on Windows computers. “Mac users have more confidence,” Wardle told CNN. The former NSA hacker does not think it’s a state cyberspace case or a criminal who wants to kidnap the data in exchange for a ransom, but “I think its goals were much more insidious and sick: spying on people” Wardle concluded. So, what do you think about this notorious malware? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.