Recently, British inventor Richard Browning build an incredible Real-life Iron Man suit that flies. Well, Richard Browning was an ex-Royal Marine reservist. According to him, his iron man prototype is “like riding a bicycle in three dimensions.” Richard Browning founded his company which is named Gravity, to give flying capabilities to his new suit. Well, the suit Richard Browning created was called Daedalus Flight suit. According to Richard Browning, it takes almost one year to develop the fully working Daedalus Flight suit. Six small jet engines are mounted on the arms and the lower back which provides propulsion for the suit. The Daedalus flight suit is powered by highly flammable liquid fuel that Richard Browning carries in a custom suit equipped with fuel bladders. Well, the suit is completely WiFi, and Bluetooth enabled and also comes with a built-in HUD. Here’s the video in which Browning undergo some intense strength-training to control the suit better.

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